EUCIP Core provides students with a solid foundation for all types of ICT related work. It gives a broad knowledge of the fundamental aspects of ICT. It encompasses an estimated 300-400 study hours, but this is dependent on the prior experience and knowledge of the candidate.


EUCIP Core is divided into three Knowledge Areas:

A) Plan Area: The Use and Management of Information Systems
This area refers to requirements analysis and planning in the use of ICT within an organisation. It is therefore directly concerned with management processes and defining requirements within a strategic perspective.

B) Build Area: Development and Integration of Information Systems
This area includes processes for specification, development and testing, and maintenance of Information Systems. It deals with methodological and technological issues related to development processes.

C) Operate Area: Operation and Support of Information Systems
This area concerns installation, supervision and maintenance of ICT systems. Essential topics include: Hardware and software concepts, management of networks, service delivery and support, and security.

EUCIP Core Syllabus 3.0

Download Syllabus 3.0 (Plan, Build and Operate Knowledge Areas)

EUCIP Programming Language (EPL) Syntax

To support the syllabus for the "Build" Module, a document containing the EPL (EUCIP Programming Language) Syntax has been created. 

EPL (EUCIP Programming Language) is designed to accommodate the need to test basic understanding of programming at the EUCIP core level. It is based on a subset of C, and is consistent with core programming constructs found in programming languages such as Java and C++. 

Download EUCIPs EPL syntax