EUCIP IT Administrator

IT Administrator is a standalone certification programme that certifies practical and theoretical knowledge of computer technicians.

The certification covers a wide range of Hardware, Software and Networks knowledge areas.

The programme is aimed at small to medium-sized companies including educational institutes that require in-house expertise in IT and individuals who wish to broaden IT knowledge and be able to administer networks.

The candidate that has successfully completed the certification programme will be able to:

  • operate as market consultant for purchasing hardware and software for an organisation
  • install the computers and the peripherals purchased
  • work practically with computer hardware
  • help and support the network users with everyday problems
  • operate as internal technicians for hardware, software, printers and local networks
  • be able to communicate with specialised personnel from different hardware/software vendors
  • follow technical developments in order to ensure utilisation of new technologies
  • update current hardware and software
  • assure the safety of the company data by protecting them from loss, virus attacks and hacking


EUCIP IT Administrator Syllabus 3.0


Syllabus version 3.0 consists of the following modules, click on the links below to download each module:

Module 1 - PC Hardware

Module 2 - Operating Systems

Module 3 - Networks

Module 4 - IT Security

EUCIP IT Administrator - Fundamentals

Note: EUCIP IT Administrator - Fundamentals is a new module that provides a broad understanding of hardware, operating systems, networks and IT Security.